Our Vision and Mission


Soothing Zen Day Spa seeks to heal clients in a holistic approach by offering a wide range of spa services. Our clients come from all backgrounds and they all come here for a reason--to find relaxation and balance of their lives.


At Soothing Zen, we strive to offer the best quality of spa services at an affordable price. It is the wellness and happiness of our clients that matter to us most. We are community-based and customer-oriented, which means that we put clients' interest first and we treat loyal clients like families. 


Our mission is to make luxurious spa services accessible and affordable to most people. We hope Soothing Zen is the first choice whenever you think of a spa getaway.


We have massage table warmers and brand new massage tables which are super fancy and can go up and down automatically.

CBD Massage Available. We Only use CBD cooling creams that are made in USA, Non-GMO and contains Zero THC.


Please note: online appointment system cannot take same day appointment. Please call to see if there is any availability for a same day appointment.

We take Spafinder, Spaweek or Spa Wellness Gift Cards.


First Time Client Special (For First Time Client Only)

yesFirst Time Combo Special:
1 Hour Anti-Stress Massage and 1 Hour Basic Facial
     - $140 (Save $10)
1 Hour Anti-Stress Massage and 1 Hour Zen Reflexology
     - $130 (Save $10)
1 Hour Basic Facial and 1 Hour Zen Reflexology 
     - $130 (Save $10)

yesFirst Time 2 People Special:
1 Hour Duet Anti-Stress Massage

   - $140 (Save $10)
1 Hour Duet Basic Facial        

   - $140 (Save $10)
1 Hour Duet Zen Reflexology  

  -$125 (Save $5)

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